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July 09 2015

'Are Larger Cities Losing Their Edge?'

Debbie Wasserman Schultz breaks with Obama on Cuba

"My view is different from President Obama's," she says.

Paul Ryan defends Jeb Bush's work comments

Ryan admitted that he didn't know the exact context for Bush's remarks.

U.N. body agrees to U.S. norms in cyberspace

It's a breakthrough for U.S. diplomats.

Playbook Breakfast on President Obama's historic week

POLITICO's Chief White House Correspondent Mike Allen takes Playbook live for four one-on-one conversations about the policy and politics of President Obama's historic week covering the trade deal, the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage and the road ahead.
NRA's Ted Nugent: "If We Burned Every Confederate Flag Today, Would They Stop Shooting Each Other In Chicago?"
'Fiscal Policy and the Long-Run Neutral Real Interest Rate'

How do you solve a problem like Donald Trump?

The short answer is you don't. Because you can't.

On Wednesday, faced with growing pressure from the party's rank-and-file, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called Donald Trump and asked him to tone down his provocative public remarks. If you believe The Washington Post, Priebus spent "nearly an hour" urging Trump "to tone down his inflammatory comments." If you believe Trump, "the call lasted for 10 minutes - maximum, maximum 15 minutes," and was largely congratulatory.

The distinction matters: The "donors and consultants" who spoke to the Post are advancing the RNC line that Priebus is doing his level best to keep Trump under control. The message from Trump, if he's telling the truth, is that the RNC is far more timid than it's letting on. But it doesn't matter whether he's telling the truth, because either way, Trump is demonstrating that he can't be controlled by the RNC. You say "nearly an hour"? I say bull.

So the upshot of this morning's Trump news, no matter who you believe, is that Trump is going to be Trump, and there's not a damn thing the RNC can do about it. If anything, Reince looks weaker for trying.

We're now four weeks away from the first Republican primary debate, in Cleveland. As I reported yesterday, it is looking very likely that Trump will not only make the cut for that debate, but that he will be closer to center-stage than some of his more politically experienced rivals. For the time being, Trump is here to stay, and there's little the RNC can do about it.

The Conservative Media War Over Donald Trump
Fox & Friends ' Doocy: "Sadly, People Are Murdered All The Time By Illegals"
Fox's Advice To Gay Couple Refused A Wedding Cake: "Just Get A Carvel Cake"

Trump: Priebus didn't tell me to 'tone it down'

Trump disputes that Priebus told him multiple times during a phone call to "tone it down."
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